Q: How does YFRB compete with platforms like Multitrader and Shufflup?

A: YFRB leverages DeFi platforms and DEXES to have a more complete market view and provide arbitrage opportunities that aren't being tracked by those platforms

Q: How do YFRB token holders benefit from the arbitrage opportunities provided on the platform?

A: Token holders would be able to deploy arbitrage smart contract and leverage the exciting world of Flash loan by holding YFRB tokens.

Q: How often are arbitrage opportunities found?

A: It is hard to exactly quantify how often arbitrage opportunity will occur. There are cases where some users have profited to the tune of $100K in one single transaction. The YFRB platform has seen arbitrage opportunities across almost every single DEX and DeFi platform since its inception and will only increase in efficiency as it is fine tuned.

Q: Is Uniswap liquidity locked?

A: Yes, the liquidity is locked for 1 year.

Q: Has the contract been audited?

A: Currently no, our smart contract is using the OpenZeppelin standard. Once we launch our products, we’ll look into audits.

Q: Where is YFRB Finance listed at?

A: Uniswap and Sushiswap

Q: What is the total supply?

A: Total supply is 40000 YFRB

Q: What is the circulating supply?

A: Circulating supply is 17288 YFRB.

Q: How long are the remaining tokens locked?

A: Our tokens lock ups are:

  • 40% Staking until October 15th 2020

  • 4% Team tokens until September 2025

  • 2.5% Marketing until September 2021

Q: Is YFRB a fork of YFI or a standalone project?

A: YFRB is a standalone project inspired by YFI but building upon its shortcomings in relation to flash loan arbitrage across the DeFi space